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Blockchain lab

Blockchain technologies may transform your business and industry.

But then again, they may not.

We’ll help you figure it out.

What We Do.

Blockchain and token-based applications and technologies. We develop our own projects, and work with others to develop theirs. Here’s what that entails.

Knowing What's What.

Understanding this complex and rapidly evolving set of technologies is table stakes. Same goes for putting in the time, with humility, to understand the organization and industry enough to put those technologies to work. We’ve run companies, too. We’ll never tell you we know your business better than you do.

Finding the Fit.

Broke: Blockchain solves every problem.

Woke: If there’s no fit, we’ll level with you.

Bespoke? If there is a fit, we’ll use tested, off-the-shelf components wherever we can, and only build what we have to get the job done right.

Strategy and Tactics.

The best uses of transformative technologies achieve tactical goals while illuminating and improving strategic positioning. E.g.: decentralized, distributed points-of-sale increase revenue and customer engagement and also reduce dependence on big platforms. Tactic + Strategy. We love cracking this code.


Iterative, Informed Design.

Building complex systems is like stellar navigation: if you’re a few degrees off at the outset you’ll end up light years away from your intended destination. From the selection of the blockchain, to token economics, transaction types, and incentives, we’ll work the design both before building the Proof of Concept, then through the iterations to MVP and first full implementation.

Develop. Test. Fix. Validate.

Same as it ever was. This is code, not magic, and the same methods that have built software empires will work here, too. A couple of key differences are worth noting, though: deploying a Smart Contract can be like burning a ROM: neither is easy to upgrade or recall. So you don’t want to ship something buggy or insecure. Comprehensive validation is sine qua non.

You are what you ship.

Whether it’s an internal research effort, or the public launch of something new, the proof is in the pudding. And what’s true for us is true for those we work with: what you give the world, that’s who you are. So it’s crucial to define success. Is a commercial dud okay because this is an R&D investigation? Or is the need to deliver real competitive advantage in today’s market? We’ll work with you to make sure success is well-defined. And then deliver on it.


Blockchain technologies represent a paradigm shift in transactional computing That’s real. Let’s work together to see how this potential can be applied in your organization.

Why transium?

A Focus on Practical Value

Our team has extensive experience in inventing and building industry-evolving, decentralized applications. And though blockchain applications are capable of a wide range of effects, as seasoned professionals we focus on identifying and delivering practical value today.

A Record of New Platform Innovation

From seminal virtual property inventions, to the first use of  in-app currencies, to the design and development of decentralized commerce ecosystems in publishing and related media, the Transium team has a rich history of delivering valuable applications on emerging platforms.

The Skills to Understand, Design, and Deliver

Collectively, we’ve identified, developed, and shipped dozens of products and technologies, broad portfolios of valuable intellectual property, and entire companies. We’re as comfortable in the C-suite as we are at the hackathon. With both strategic insight and tactical knowhow, we’ll help you to build a bridge from novel technologies to meaningful business and organizational value.

Transium projects

We’ve designed or developed a range of relevant projects, from digital object commerce systems, to decentralized bookselling ecosystems, rights engines, industry analytics services, and blockchain-based content licensing communities. Here are some current Transium-initiated projects.

Inventor DAO

Inventor DAO is a decentralized, autonomous patent/IP collective, building an industry-scale defensive IP pool to protect and empower the emerging blockchain industry.


Rights Token is a generalized, rights-centric implementation of the Ethereum ERC-721 non-fungible token standard. 


PearlToken supports the sustainable cultivation of pearls with tradeable Ethereum tokens that confer the right to uniquely identified, individual pearl futures.


SocialLicense delivers tokenized media licenses to end users for use in social channels, with the intent to light up new revenue streams for artists, including musicians, filmmakers, and others.

Understanding. Invention. Design. Implementation.

To gain the advantage afforded by an emerging platform or paradigm like blockchain, we must first have a deep understanding of what’s new, different, and powerful.

Then, through invention and design, differentiating capabilities can be applied to produce category-level innovation, or to redefine what something that already exists.

Decentralized ledgers and tokenized marketplaces can change your business or industry, but while there a range of useful tools and platforms, there’s no fully configured off-the-shelf solution. Generating meaningful value is a combination of understanding invention, design, and implementation.

While the proportion of effort may vary from the archetypal depiction in these graphs, this range of efforts is always required. The importance of invention is frequently  overlooked or not well articulated. But especially when working with new paradigms, like blockchain, there are few off-the-shelf solutions. One might piece together available components to manage costs and speed time-to-market, but the inventive leap will always bind these together into a coherent, potentially valuable whole.

  • Understanding
  • Invention
  • Design
  • implementation 


You may be at the point where you simply want a better understand of blockchain for yourself and your organization. We’re ready to support this goal with workshops and customized training materials.
Our team

We are a diverse and experienced team of inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, and technologists. Please get in touch. We’d love to get to know you, and to see how we might collaborate.

Ron Martinez is a longtime innovator in media, commerce, and intellectual property. He’s a prolific inventor with more than sixty patents, and former global Vice President, Intellectual Property Innovation for Yahoo! Inc. Ron resides in France and San Francisco.

He’s built technologies, businesses, and large scale strategic intellectual property portfolios. Recent projects include Retail Network, a decentralized bookselling platform; Content Blockchain, where he is an advisor, and Inventor DAO, a new initiative designed to produce an global, defensive blockchain intellectual property pool to protect and benefit those building the foundations and applications of this emerging industry.

Ron Martinez

Founder and Principal, Transium & Invention Arts

Richard Thompson attended Harvard College, where he graduated with an A.B. in 1977, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. From there he entered Stanford Law School where he received a J.D. in 1980 and was admitted to the Order of the Coif.

Practicing transactional entertainment in Los Angeles, he became a partner in the firm of Bloom, Hergott, Diemer & Cook, one of the leading motion picture entertainment law firms in the industry, Richard served as first Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and General Counsel and then later promoted to Chief Operating Officer of The Brodia Group, which developed and licensed a consumer payments platform that facilitated secure online payments for the customers of major credit card companies. He has now returned to his practice with Bloom, Hergott.

Richard represents talent and corporate clients in motion pictures, television, new media and licensing. He has spoken extensively regarding legal issues in the new media business at, among other places, USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, Southwestern, Loyola, the Practicing Law Institute and the Los Angeles Copyright Society. He is a past president of the Los Angeles Copyright Society.

Richard Thompson

Advisor, Intellectual Property and Corporate Law

Karole Irène is an accomplished designer, artist, and online community development and curation professional. She was a co-founder of, the decentralized marketplace for bookselling, and has led creative projects and organizations both in her native France, and in San Francisco.

Karole Irène

Design and Community, Transium

Barry Threw is a technologist, designer, and cultural producer. With over a decade of experience leading forward-looking projects using experiential technologies, immersive media and blockchain, he works with individuals and institutions developing tools, processes, and platforms to support creative, tech, and protocultural infrastructure.

Barry Threw

Creative Technologist

Let’s figure it out.

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